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Johanne comes from the island of Madagascar. She was trained as a shaman when she was a child but as a teenager she wanted to be like a “civilised person” and succeeded, when she was 20, in marrying a French dentist and having 3 children with him. After 13 years of this “normal” life, she went into a deep inner crisis and traveled to Geneva to take a break. Here she met Tal, and, by implementing his teachings, was able to bring back to her consciousness all her shamanic talents. She then became a psychotherapist, a naturopath and a healer. She has created some very new therapies to help people awaken to their spiritual nature and become free of their past limitations.

Tal is a Swiss medical doctor. Wanting to go beyond the traditional modalities of an M.D. he became an acupuncturist, homeopath, dietician, psychotherapist and shaman. He then became an educator, instructing people that “health can be learned”. He has been a pioneer of wholistic medicine in Europe for more than 40 years and written many books about how to become the creator of one’s own health and happiness. For 15 years Tal has worked with Kinou-the-clown to teach laughter therapy in hospitals and schools. More than 20 years ago he met Johanne and they have been teaching together ever since. They have a center in Pierrelatte, in the South of France, and they travel frequently to give lectures and seminars.

Johanne and Tal demonstrate that with the tools of wholistic medicine (taking care of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies) there is no disease that cannot be healed. They both practice channeling with their spiritual guides and they can, by phone or by skype, give spiritual guidance to any one who is open to it. Even if Tal or Johanne know nothing about the people who contact them, the spiritual guides can give precise and accurate information about the meaning of their actual experiences and the part of them they have been blocked in the past, in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes. Of course, the guides give tools for allowing these unhappy parts of the Self to be brought into the worlds of light (In shamanism this is called “soul retrival”).

Johanne and Tal have developed, with the help of their spiritual teachers, a unique perspective of what a human being is. We have within us many different sub-personalities (In French les Sous-Personnalités Psycho-Actives ou SPPA) and each of these inner beings has a mission to accomplish. To discover these SPPA and understand their needs is fundamental to being happy within ourselves and to understand our human brothers and sisters ! The SPPA that are neglected are creating diseases to attract our attention.

When we take care of them, “miraculous” healing can occur ! And when we liberate blocked SPPA of the past, their talents can be ours immediately. So Johanne and Tal have helped many people, though healing their SPPA healer ou shaman trapped in the negative experiences of the past. For example an SPPA might have been killed in the Inquisition, and the work allows this part of the person to be accepted and be useful again ! Tal and Johanne have called this part of their work “spiritual psychotherapy” and they bring it to human kind as a fantastic tool for transforming the unpleasant memories of the past into a happy, fulfilled and joyful life.

Together Johanne and Tal have written more than 60 books. Unfortunately, none of them have yet been translated into English. Perhaps you can help in speaking to the editors you know about their work !

Editions ARIANE, in Canada, has published a book about their lives and teachings called Naissance d’une humanité consciente (The birth of a conscious humankind) They travel all over the world to teach. In English speaking countries, Tal becomes the translator for Johanne as her English is not fluent yet.

Working as a couple they are specialists in working with conflicts in couples, families, business or social institutions.

Johanne and Tal diligently share with people the universal tools that allow one to step out of fear, conflicts, competition, suffering and solitude to become a conscious happy human being, happy to cocreate a world of peace, joy and friendship with all living creatures sharing Planet Earth with us! The end of suffering is now because we accept who we are : spiritual, immortals, eternals and multidimensional beings !

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