Patchs forevergreen in english

To order powerstrips or solar strips for US citizen

 You write on top of your computer (adress bar) :


you press« enter » and you arrive on a page with a father having a child on his shoulders.

You choose your langage and your country

Then you have the policies and procedures

You accept them and continue

Then you have a first page with products

You go to the bottom and click on « to see other options of products »

On this page you can choose Powerstrips 1 pack at 59.95, or 2 packs at 119.95 and Solarstirps 1 pack 69.95 or 2 packs 139.95.You click on « buy now ».

Then you have a page about autoship. It is a automatic command for you to become an « ambassador » and have people buy patches on your fgxpress website. And it gives you 3 patchs more in every envelop (So you will have a free envelop every 5 monthes !)

And of course you can stop it at any time if you decide to do it !

You can choose the autoship with 1,2 or 3 powerstrips packs and 1,2 or 3 solarstrips.

If you prefer to start quietly with experimenting the patches for one month or two before stepping into the adventure of relationnal marketing, and have an autoship,click on the grey pannel to say no.

Then you get on the information page about you.

For the « Display name » the easiest way it ot put you first name and you family name in a row, like i did with « talschaller ».

For your virtual office do the same

Name : first and family name attached ;

Weboffice : idem

The you complete with your adress and bank card information and it it is done !

You will recieve you powerstrips in a week and your identity number.

With it you will be able to open you back office and get many useful informations about the products and the relationnal marketing that is a wonderful new economy giving access to prosperity to all !

Unfortunately the informations on my site are not yet translated into english. I will do it as soon as possible… but you can get all informations about the powerstrips, the solar strips and the beauty strips on the sites of fgxpress.

I hihgly recommend on youtube :

FGXpress CEO Ron Williams

FGXPress Compensation plan

Wellcome home FGXPress introduction, bringing global economy to everyone.

I wish you as much pleasure and joy that I have got from using the patches on myself and my patients and students since nearly 2 years now.

I do believe that these patches are a real revolution in helping people to get better. As Hippocrates said : « May food be your therapy ! »


If you have any question :

Or skype : taljo1


Yours friendly


Tal Schaller


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